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Founding Year: 2002

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Assets Under Management: $2.547 Billion

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Number of Employees: 29

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Client to Employee Ratio: 18:1

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Aggregate Professional Designations: 27

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Number Of States Served: 33

Data as of 1/31/2024

Vigilant The Firm Hero


Vigilant Wealth Management is a private wealth management firm specializing in progressive investment and wealth planning solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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Wealth Advisory Services

At Vigilant, we provide our clients with objective, consultative advice, and comprehensive, personalized wealth-planning strategies. Our customized approach is critical and enables us to manage our clients’ investment portfolios within the context of their entire balance sheet and personal situations, as each client relationship has its own unique attributes.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management at Vigilant begins with the Investment Policy Committee (IPC). It is made up of the Portfolio Managers, who implement the firm’s forward thinking into client portfolios, and the Research Analysts who perform the due diligence that leads to compelling companies being presented to the IPC for consideration. Our families are served by these same Portfolio Managers as part of their Vigilant Team, providing a direct connection between the IPC and their customized portfolio.

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Our clients are comprised of a select group of highly-successful individuals and families, and certain non-profit and institutional entities. It is our responsibility to shepherd their capital, providing them with the opportunity to achieve their financial objectives. By limiting the number of clients with whom we work, we are able to focus on each client relationship, thus giving us the opportunity to truly understand what each client is trying to accomplish. This, in turn, enables us to construct an appropriate investment portfolio and to ensure that each client’s unique wealth-planning needs are properly addressed. We manage between $2 million and $50 million on behalf of our typical family relationship.

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