Executives, particularly those at publicly traded companies, have a distinct path to wealth creation that must be managed over time. The path is often well defined but as an executive’s career progresses, there are a number of questions that should be addressed:

  • How do I generate enough wealth so that I have the flexibility to retire at a reasonable age?

  • How do I protect my family in the event that I become disabled or die?

  • How do I create a plan by which I diversify my holdings over time so that my balance sheet is not dominated by the shares in the company from which I also derive a paycheck?

  • How do I manage the company shares and their different structures?

Company shares owned outright

Stock options (ISOs and NQs)

Restricted shares

  • How do I avoid unnecessary tax liability while diversifying my company stock?

Plan designed and executed in conjunction with your accountant

  • What do I think about my income sources at retirement?

How do I build a taxable asset base so that all of my liquid assets are not held inside a 401(k) plan?

How do I manage a deferred compensation program?

How does a pension fit with my assets and income sources?

When should I take social security?

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