Individuals In Transition

Transitions in life, such as a death of a spouse or loved one, or a marriage that has ended in divorce, can bring on overwhelming uncertainty and stress. With many of our families, one spouse often plays a leading role in financial matters. What happens when that person is no longer there?

  • How do I know what assets I have and how they interrelate?

  • What are my expenses now and in the near future?

Will I stay in my current home or will another house be more suitable?

What will I enjoy doing and what will that cost?

Where in the life cycle are my children and how do I think about them?

  • How do I generate the income I need?

How do I utilize my investments to generate the requisite income?

How do the trusts that have been established benefit me?

What about social security, inherited IRAs, etc.?

  • How do I develop relationships with the advisors I need?

  • How do I maintain my independence as I age so I am not a burden on my children?

How can I protect myself against a significant health event?

If I cannot live alone, what are the options in the area in which I would like to live?

Do I have enough assets to pay for a facility if I need one? If not, am I able to acquire long-term care insurance to help supplement the cost?

Having a trusted advisor to help navigate through the issues is vital. We help our families through these situations in many ways. Our clients have well-defined and thoughtful estate plans so that the death of a spouse does not disrupt the financial situation. We are experienced with helping clients make sure they maintain financial security through transitional situations.

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