Each of us spends a lifetime accumulating assets with the eventual objective of transitioning from earned income to income generated from the accumulated assets. This process can be different depending upon one’s path but as we think about and ultimately approach retirement many of the issues are the same. Our job is to understand what our clients want to do with their lives and to ensure that they utilize their assets prudently in order to support their objectives.

  • How much in liquid assets do I need to retire?

  • What are my income sources and how do they evolve over time?

Taxable portfolio

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from IRAs

Social Security

Other: pension, real estate, part-time job, etc.

  • What are my fixed costs and how might they evolve over time?

  • How much does my real estate cost?

Mortgage (should I pay off my mortgage before I retire?)

Property taxes



HOA/club dues

Health insurance

  • The majority of my assets are in 401(k) / IRA accounts; how do I plan for required minimum distributions while managing future tax liabilities?

  • What do I enjoy doing and what does it cost?

  • How will I pay for help if I need it as I age or my health declines?

  • How do I give gifts to my children and charity?

  • How do I ensure that my spouse feels comfortable financially if I die?

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