Real Estate Planning


In many ways, our clients’ residential real estate is the most important item on their balance sheets. And not simply because it is where they live. Housing is emotional. It is where our clients raise their families, where they aspire to be upon retirement or selling their companies. But it is also a significant component in our clients’ financial situations. The costs associated with a house, both up front and over time, are meaningful factors in understanding the totality of a family’s financial position.

It is also critical to understand what each family wants in terms of the ultimate disposition of a property and whether there is a legacy element or whether it is simply an investment asset as multi-generational properties include very unique considerations.

Finally, one thing that has become quite important to our client families over the past few years is helping the next generation(s) obtain suitable housing, For many reasons, including those mentioned above, our clients want their adult children and grandchildren to live in a place they are happy to call home.

  • Understanding the role real estate plays on the balance sheet



  • Analyzing the impact real estate has on cash flow, particularly in retirement

  • Provide support during the purchase/sale of real estate

  • Advise on ownership and financing arrangements

  • Guide clients on assisting their children/grandchildren obtaining housing

  • Discuss the role real estate plays in client legacies and their estate plans

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