Tax Planning


Federal tax, state tax, property tax, estate tax (federal and state); for the successful, there are numerous types of taxes to navigate. There are an even greater number of issues: state residency, composition of fixed income portfolio (taxable v. tax-exempt), categorization of tax (long-term v. short-term); deductibility, Required Minimum Distributions, Roth conversions, social security and Medicare, etc. And the issues just mentioned occur while our clients are living. At death, there are various other taxes that must be dealt with: Federal and state death taxes. While the federal rates are in a regular state of flux due to legislation-by-reconciliation, the trend in many states is to apply a higher rate on fewer assets. Finally, many of these topics apply to irrevocable trusts and LLCs (anything with its own Tax ID number). We work closely with our clients’ CPAs to coordinate tax planning and execution.

  • Tax-sensitive investment strategies

  • Execute annual exclusion and gifting strategies

  • Estate, GST & gift tax planning

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